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With the growth and widespread use of these doors, Dorsa Aria Rad Co., by conducting various studies and utilizing the information and experience of the technology in the automated door industry in the world, has chosen to offer its products from the WISER companies in the country. Sweden, and Switzerland’s ORYXER technology, which is one of the finest and best-known automation doors in the world. Drawing on the technical knowledge and experience in the field of automatic glass doors, Dorsa has become a powerful and competitive brand in the field.

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  • سازمان منطقه ویژه اقتصادی پارس
  • سازمان منطقه آزاد کیش
  • سازمان حفاظت محیط زیست
  • سازمان بازرسی کل کشور
  • سازمان انتقال خون ایران
  • پژوهشگاه هوافضا
  • پارس خودرو
  • بنیاد ملی نخبگان
  • بانک قرض الحسنه مهر ایران
  • بانک رفاه کارگران
  • ایمنی بهداشت محیط زیست
  • ایران ایتوک
  • انجمن مدیران صنایع
  • بانک ملت

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