Reason advantage automatic door Doorsa

The automated door industry has a long history in the world, the industry has been born in advanced and industrialized countries and expanded to the rest of the world. With the entry of electromechanical systems into Iran and market competition, the price of automatic doors dropped and, with the appropriate price of the goods removed from the list of luxury goods and now it can be said that most buildings are under construction and made. In Iran, they equip their buildings with automatic doors.

Each structure, in accordance with its features, needs a specific category of products. All these items together help improve the services in that structure. The automatic door is considered to be the main and most important component of construction services and should be carefully priced for purchase. Different models and designs of this system are designed to accelerate and ease of transport in buildings, which should be used according to the capacity and usage of each structure.

The Doorsa Automatic Door with 4 Boxing Control Models that has been able to easily cover all the needs of the various assemblies, and it can be said that Doorsa’s door is superior to its competitors, its familiarity with its automatic systems and capabilities. The use of Swedish, Swiss, and German technologies made doorsa from competitors.

۴ The WISER YT-1608, ORYXER MS-900, ORYXER MS-800 and ORYXER MS-750, along with the GR-6355 DUNKER GR-6355, are a unique collection of features that each structure can be installed by installing one of the above models. Run the requested settings best managed. Control box is the mastermind of the system of mechanical and electrical components. In the control box, a variety of settings are implemented.

Reason advantage automatic door Doorsa


  • Set the closing speed
  • Smart Defective Finder
  • Initial acceleration setting
  • Adjust brake opening speed
  • Set in 5 manager modes for door type
  • Automatic voltage and current regulation
  • Set the velocity at any moment from the path appropriate to the location of the automatic door

All these features are available on all models. The only difference between these systems is the ability to open and close 24 hours a day, which means they support high traffic to low traffic, respectively. The German Dunker engine is also the best-known motorized engine in the world’s most widely-developed motorcycle engine and can support all existing box control models.