Control Box ORYXER MS-750

The MS-750 Control Box is one of the ORYXER application panels that have been able to offer a reliable combination of low-and-medium-duty modules alongside Dunker’s German engine. In a low-traffic or even medium-sized environment, the Control Box ORYXER MS-750 has the best of courage. Detecting people’s point and speed at opening and closing are obvious features of this product. It is worth mentioning that the Dunker engine, along with this product, has made it possible for the door to be used for environments that are crowded and also installed and installed.

Locations such as banks or hospitals and environments like this are due to the nature of the people are constantly traveling. Of course, in these environments there may be places where low traffic or even controlled traffic through the installation of a card reader or other protective systems. The ability to install such systems and activate them on the automatic door and this control panel is a positive indicator.

Possibility of setting the opening time of the door makes it possible to adjust each match according to the place to be placed, which varies from 0 to 20 seconds. The reason for this is the type of user’s use of the door, and the most suitable time in the inflated environment is probably the shortest time it is, but the more time it will be, the more appropriate it will be in environments that can accommodate disabled people or people of the old age. Of course, the presence of high-visibility eyes and wide-angle vision will have a significant effect on system performance, which will make it difficult to shut the door completely.

The ORYXER MS-750 Control Panel has 5 adjustment modes, which can be set in fully closed, automatic, single-sided, fully open mode, and over-the-top mode (winter, summer). The small LED designed next to each mode, if turned on, indicates that it can be activated by switching the MODE key to the settings.

Enabling sensors, side-by-side sensors along with a powerful eye make the ORYXER MS-750 control panel more responsive. Connectivity to any kind of system is also considered to be the other features of this control panel for better control and easier management, such as BMS management systems, or even card readers or fingerprint devices to filter traffic.

Activation and service 24 hours a day are the hallmarks of this system. The presence of a rubber strip below the cross-section will cause the vibrations to move and make it move smoothly. The low power consumption of WISER and ORYXER control panels with standby power of 14 W is also considered as unique features of these systems.