Control Box ORYXER MS-850

In mid-range environments, the Control box ORYXER MS-850 box is responsive. Combining and collaborating with this German-made DUNKER engine control box (with tune-up in all traffic conditions), the speed and power of the door open and close in mid-range environments are responsive. Adjustable in 2 full-open or full-package modes, along with other scheduling, allows the user to take the best steps in any circumstances, depending on the occasion.

Flexibility at temperatures of + 60 ° C to -20 ° C indicates the high power of this Swiss box control and German engine, and will not be in any way at this temperature range. For this reason, we apply all the geographical and temperature regions of our beloved country. The system can handle up to 150kg of weight per leaf, which is why it is advisable to use narrow frames to minimize the weight of each piece. The ORYXER MS-850’s control box has capabilities for continuous operation, such as …

  • Can be connected to wooden doors and all kinds of aluminum
  • Open all door widths in the shortest possible time
  • Set the amount of time to stay in the door
  • Possibility to install a safety glass up to 24 mm thick
  • Choose the type of glass
  • Compatibility with the temperature of different regions of Iran
  • Anti-crunching system
  • Possibility to connect intelligent management systems
  • Control center with 5 different modes and automatic and manual adjustment
  • Possibility to install infrared safety sensors
  • The ability to choose the best speed, acceleration and acceleration
  • Smart microprocessor center
  • A special clamp for controlling the opening and closing of the straps, in order to avoid moving the sound
  • High power for day-to-day operation
  • Electromagnetic locking system
  • Ease of use and planning