DUNKER Motor Engine

After control box, the most important component of the engine’s automatic door is the mechanical core of the automation system. The engine consists of an encoder, an internal shaft and a Foley that all these parts together generate motor energy and sends it to the automation executive points so that the commands issued from the box control are properly executed, in fact the propulsion engine The system.

An encoder may be considered a motor brain, the most important task of the encoder is the door opening detection engine, which fits the best speed and time for opening and closing, and according to that command, the required power and energy generation And issues control of the box and other parts of the executive. The GR63SX55 motor is powered by a 24V voltage and 4.9-amps current. The maximum output power of this engine is 245 watts, which is the ability to express the weight at a time. Simply put, each automatic door is made of glass and other frames of other parts, which collects the total weight of the engine, which has the maximum engine power for this purpose.

dunker motor engine

In the automated door, all parts should be arranged with a voltage of 24 volts, with the standard voltage of 24 volts in Iran, which engine, ophthalmic, receiver, and all electronic components used in the door automatically follow the rule. With its stylish design, the German Dunker Engine has made it easy to trouble with the use of high-quality mechanical parts without any belt in its entirely regular working order.

The Foley engine, with a rotation of 1500 rpm, produces a driving force for opening and closing the door. This process will continue repeatedly at each door opening and closing, which is why the torque of the system in static and moving mode is very important. One of the reasons for choosing this torque with the proper rotating speed can be its performance at the motor’s turning point and the continuous and continuous opening and closing. The gears in the engine are made of carbon, which increases their level of resistance and can easily withstand different weights.

The Foley in the engine are capable of moving on both sides so that they start to rotate the clockwise to open the door to open the door and start counterclockwise to force the door to close. Creating a balance while moving and controlling yourself and applying any orders you receive, such as braking, reducing, or increasing the speed. Other positive features of the Fully Automatic Door Engine are Dora, which should be considered.