sliding door 4 leaf

Linear sliding doors are the classic of the automatic sliding door range. They are suitable for use in every location where there is sufficient lateral space. The linear sliding door automates entrances in a very elegant and simple manner. The door leaves slide away from the pedestrian, making a significant contribution to safety.

Selecting the 4 leaf  to top door should be a team effort among the facility owner, door supplier, and designer. The intended function, aesthetic preference, and budget are the major concerns when determining which type of automatic door is appropriate for a project. There are three basic types: automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, and automatic folding doors. Sliding and swinging doors are commonly used in healthcare settings, while folding doors are less prevalent.

Automatic sliding door 4 leaf

Automatic sliding door 4 leaf

Sliding doors are in their original state with a fixed slider and a movable slider that can be upgraded if the width increases. The 2-sliding door is actually the same as the initial mode that can be easily installed and used in low latitudes. The possibility of adjusting the opening speed and closing of the door is adjustable according to the person’s apparent characteristics. This can be controlled by the manual adjustment of the opening speed when entering physical disabilities. Each leaf in this doors can ultimately support up to 100 centimeters.

Automatic doors Ideal for office buildings, shops, convenience stores in filling stations, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, care homes, hospitals, conference and exhibition buildings as well as innumerable other types of buildings.