Telescopic door

Automatic telescopic door provide a very specific solution to a very particular problem. As automated doors of doorsa are increasingly becoming a standard feature on many several types of building, more companies are looking to install smart, stylish automated entry systems of their own.

automatic Telescopic-door

The problem is, some buildings have so small narrow that their facades cannot accommodate a full size sliding door system. However, but their limited size, these buildings may still be required to provide ease of access for wheelchairs, shopping trolleys, loading pallets. Doorsa Automatic telescopic doors can be deliberate and installed as either immaterial or two leaf models, with 2 or 4 sliding leafage. They run on sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide many years of smooth, convenient, and reliable low noise operation.

Why Use Doorsa Automatic Telescopic Doors?

Because we have no ties to any specific producer, we are free to act every project on its own terms. When installing automatic telescopic doors, we only ever use the products and service that we know will be right for your specific requirements. Automatic availability is an independent company, and we always make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

  • Feature and Benefits of Automatic Telescopic Doors
  • Telescoping panels allow fitting in locations where space is restricted
  • Full swing open capability on the construct a larger opening when extra space is needed.

automatic Telescopic door doorsa

This telescopic sliding door operator has proven its reliability and durability in airports, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, commercial buildings and hotels worldwide. With its soft design, a very quiet movement integrated multiple functions, hard wearing and performance.