Equipped court with automatic door

The prosecutor is an institution that performs the duties of the court and carries out the prosecution of the accused, prosecuting and prosecuting the individual’s public right. He is also responsible for dealing with affairs in accordance with the rules and regulations specified for the prosecutor’s office. In fact, the investigation of all crimes and allegations of commission from the investigation stage to the issuance of a request for enforcement is in the jurisdiction of the prosecutor, except in special cases which have been transferred to another place by law.

According to the explanation, it is first possible to consider the court as a very sensitive place. High traffic in these environments, with different job positions and levels and various social levels, has increased the level of prosecution for prosecution of crimes and even individuals. Prosecutors have always tried to raise the level of satisfaction to a reasonable degree, in order to make the best use of the related equipment. As the name implies, this is a place to deal with crimes, so people walking in the environment are plaintiffs or accused who are not particularly well-off.

Creating calmness in the space and reducing the suffering of these people is the prosecutor’s office. In order to achieve this, the use of an automatic glass door is one of the solutions. The automatic opening of the door without the need to change the movement of the person when entering or leaving, the silence during the operation operation (the door extends over at the time of opening and closing) is a hallmark of the automatic door of the glass.

Equipped court with automatic door

Tehran’s public prosecutors decided to upgrade the incoming systems to improve the overall level of service. After contacting the Doorsa Sales Unit and consulting with this unit, it was decided that, by dispatching a specialist to the prosecutor’s office, the Madras Prosecutor’s Office, the Mufateh Court, the Quds Prosecutor’s Office, The Seoul prosecutor’s office and the prosecutor’s office have calculated the location of the door, along with a detailed measurement of the installation of the door. With the dispatch of Doorsa technical expert, a total of 18 doors were reserved for the judicial complexes, which began with the provision of a per-invoice to the relevant units and confirmed in the least time necessary measures for installing the door.

According to our negotiations and agreements, the contract between the management of the Tehran Public Prosecutors’ Project and the automatic door of Doorsa was signed, which included 4 courthouses of the local prosecutor’s office, the 4 doors of the Madras Prosecutor’s Office, 4 doors of the Court, 3 doors of the Quds Prosecutor’s Office, 2 doors of the Seoul Court of Justice And the first door of the Prosecutor’s Office was that all the doors were arranged to be installed and delivered to the centers respectively. From this date, the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office was started to operate in an automatic door and completed in the shortest possible time. Doorsa is proud to have made a small contribution to improving the level of service in Tehran’s public prosecutors in different areas to increase their services.