Negin Dibaji And Automatic Glass Door

Negin Dibaji Residential Complex is a complex that created a lot of fanfare from the beginning. The specificity of the original design and the fascinating facade of modern design, which is in fact integrating with the principles of Iranian architecture, have been designed and the use of brick represents the value of Iranian architecture. Complex geometry is 2 symmetric blocks separated from the 7th to the 9th floor of these two blocks.

Construction of 145 apartments in a space of more than 6,000 square meters in 2 separate blocks is another special measure that has attracted the attention of everyone about this project. The use of first-rate equipment was one of the biggest concerns of the project management of Negin Dibaji Complex, and in order to realize it, they had a steady effort and selected all the goods with precision and elegance. Overlooking Rahmoni Street and Yashmi Street, it was decided to construct a 2 lobby with different horizons, which has a beautifully integrated look.

Negin Dibaji and Automatic Glass Door

Negin Dibaji and Automatic Glass Door

Negin Diabaji Complex, located on South Dibaji Street, is a special project and an example that is a complete example of the idea and design of modern and contemporary design. Equipping the Negin Dibaji Complex with WISER Automatic Doors was an excellent and exciting measure that increased the quality of the project. Calling the project management with the Dorsa Sales Unit and presenting the planned map for the installation of two automatic slide doors in the 2nd part of the integrated inputs made it possible to calculate one of the technical experts at the exact measuring location. The result of the talks was the introduction of the automatic door flush prefactor with the WISER box control YT-1608 along with the German Dunker model.

Approval of pre-invoice from the project management side Based on the description of the Doorsa sales experts and the appointment of a technical expert for the installation of the automatic door, it was decided to be deployed for the convenience of the work, the door and the expert on the same date at the same time. Upon arrival of the coordinated date, doors were sent to the unit in the lobby of the installation and delivery of the work. Doorsa is proud to have been involved in equipping the Negin Dibaji Complex with an automatic door and has served the residents of the complex.